Overnight guests in violation of decree requires finding of contempt in custody case

This case is best summarized by this excerpt from the decision:

The decree of the trial court contained a provision prohibiting the parties from having
overnight romantic partners while the children were present. Uselton never challenged the
validity of the underlying court-ordered overnight-guest provision below. Rather, she argued
that her conduct did not fall within the provision. The court specifically found that her
conduct fell within the provision and found that her violation of that provision was willful.
Willful disobedience of a valid order of a court is, by definition, contemptuous behavior. See
Henderson v. Dudley, 264 Ark. 697, 710, 574 S.W.2d 658, 666 (1978) (“[T]he disobedience
of any valid judgment, order or decree of a court having jurisdiction to enter it is such an
interference with the administration of justice as to constitute contempt.”). Yet, the court did
not find her in contempt. Because we cannot reconcile these two findings, we reverse and

Davenport v. Uselton, 2013 Ark. App. 344.  http://opinions.aoc.arkansas.gov/WebLink8/0/doc/316118/Electronic.aspx

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